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Miss Chater's Schooldays

Miss Brown, Tammie Lee

The timorous Miss Chater s own schooldays see her peeping through the classroom windows as two of her fellow pupils are being punished. She is in a state of undress and deep arousal as she caresses her body dreamily. However her reverie is interrupted by the stern voice of Miss Brown and she finds herself back in the classroom and in line for a severe spanking and deliciously uncompromising caning.

14 mins min / updated on 12 Dec 2011

Matron's Sixth Form Caning

Miss Brown and Jenny Badeau

In the last Brief Encounter, Matron struggled to cope with the over the knee hand spanking administered by the intransigent Miss Brown. This time she is in for even more of a shock, for not only is she forced to suffer the indignity of having to remove her clothes, but after a suitable 'dressing down' she is bent over and has to endure twelve hard lashes from Miss Brown's tawse.

8.25 min / updated on 26 Jul 2011

School Matron in Tawsing Trauma

Miss Brown and Jenny Badeau

In the last Brief Encounter, Matron struggled to cope with the over the knee hand spanking administered by the intransigent Miss Brown. This time she is in for even more of a shock, for not only is she forced to suffer the indignity of having to remove her clothes, but after a suitable 'dressing down' she is bent over and has to endure twelve hard lashes from Miss Brown's tawse.

10.42 min / updated on 24 May 2011

School Matron In Trouble

Miss Brown and Jenny Badeau

Poor Jessica seems to have been the recipient for much of Miss Brown's wrath. However the errant Matron, who was surely responsible for some of Jessica's fustigation, has herself been summoned to see the austere School headmistress. It quickly becomes apparent that although she is happy to create mischief by proxy, she is not at all comfortable with the repercussions!

13.50 min / updated on 6 May 2011

Jessica's School Photo Caning Fantasy

Miss Brown and Jessica

Having all ready fallen foul of Miss Browns strict regime, Jessica allows herself the indulgence of a little fantasy as she contemplates the up coming photo shoot. In her fantasy she is no longer a simple school girl but an exciting Glamour Model and off comes the school uniform, but beware Jessica, Miss Brown is omnipresent!

6.30 min / updated on 30 Apr 2011

Jessica's Story. My First Ever Tawsing

Miss Brown and Jessica

Having been sent to Matron in order to obtain the correct school uniform, Jessica returns to Miss Brown for an inspection. Once again she falls foul of Miss Brown's exacting standards and finds herself on the receiving end of 12 blistering strokes of the tawse. Jessica talks openly before and after her punishment about her fears, feelings and aspirations.

11 min / updated on 20 Apr 2011

Miss Brown Spanks Jessica's Pert Bottom

Miss Brown and Jessica

Jessica, one of Miss Brown's model pupils, chooses the last day of term to fall from grace. Miss Brown is less than amused when she discovers Jessica is not wearing the correct school uniform, particularly as it is school photo day. It is the first time her pert little bottom has seen the wrath of the strict school mistress and her cheeks are soon glowing red!

10.17 min / updated on 12 Apr 2011

Nurse Lacy's Aftercare

Nikki Montford and Marcus John

Nurse Lacy's interview is all but over. Having been severely spanked and paddled by the devious Dr Hampton, Nurse Lacy's bottom is painfully sore and badly marked. The good Doctor takes it upon himself to apply a little TLC! In reality though it's just another excuse for the duplicitous Doctor to perve over her perfect posterior.

5.44 min / updated on 30 Mar 2011

Kirstyn's Caning Fantasy

Miss Brown and Kirstyn Gold

Schoolgirl Kirstyn's fantasy continues as she daydreams in her bedroom. Once again, Miss Brown appears, this time sitting next to her gently caressing her bare bottom. "You know I'm going to cane you Kirstyn," Miss Brown whispers. Twelve hard strokes follow striping her pretty little pert posterior. Was Miss Brown there, or is the whole situation just a figment of a schoolgirls imagination?

7.05 min / updated on 21 Mar 2011

Nurse Lacy Gets Paddled

Nikki Montford and Marcus John

Continuing Nurse Lacy's initiation into the bizarre practices at Dr Hampton's clinic. Apparently she passed the spanking test with flying colours, now however its time for the paddle, and what a paddling it is! No part of her lovely bottom is spared as the good Doctor uses the instrument to its full effect.

9 min / updated on 14 Mar 2011

Kirstyn's Spanking Therapy

Kirstyn Gold and Marcus John

The beautiful Kirstyn Gold arrives at the Dr Hampton's clinic seeking a cure for her troublesome back problem. Dr Hampton seems to have the perfect cure for her, another one of his 'special' therapies! Apparently a sound spanking is the panacea for all of her problems, and in desperation she reluctantly agrees.

12 min / updated on 8 Mar 2011

Caned for Inappropriate Attire

Miss Brown and Nikki Montford

Miss Brown is horrified with Miss Lacy's appallingly short skirt. It simply is not the correct attire for a teacher, and it certainly is not setting a good example to the girls. Miss Lacy receives twelve hard strokes of Miss Brown's cane on her bottom, and a further six strokes on the tops of her thighs. 'This is to make absolutely sure Miss Lacy, that you will not be wearing a skirt that short for a long, long time!"

9 min / updated on 28 Feb 2011

Kirstyn's Tawsing Fantasy

Miss Brown and Kirstyn Gold

Gorgeous schoolgirl Kirstyn is relaxing on the sofa wistfully studying the cover of one off Miss Browns famous DVDs and anticipating the fun she will have when she plays it. She adores corporal punishment and gets excited just thinking about it. In no time she has drifted off and finds herself in a most surreal situation, Miss Brown is there with her, in her room tawsing her bottom, fantasy or fact?

6.20 min / updated on 21 Feb 2011

Spanking Nurse Lacy

Nikki Montford and Marcus John

Dr Hampton's Spanking Therapy Deviant Dr Hampton is up to his usual tricks again. He has a vacancy for a nurse at his 'Spanking Therapy' clinic and an unsuspecting Lacy goes along to his surgery for what she thinks is an normal interview. In no time at all the perverted Dr has her bent over his medical chair, legs apart, and administers an extremely hard hand spanking that turns her porcelain white bottom bright red!

15 mins min / updated on 14 Feb 2011

Caning Miss Lewis

Miss Brown, Kelly James

Miss Lewis is probably suffering from shock after having her hands tawsed, she actually has the audacity to suggest that she is going to report Miss Brown. This kind of naive threat is like a red rag to a bull for the authoritarian headmistress and further punishment is going to be necessary. Miss Lewis has never had her pert little bottom caned before so it seems a fitting response to have her bent over the chair and thrashed.

5.50 min / updated on 31 Jan 2011

Hand Tawsing the Teachers

Xela, Kelly James and Miss Brown

Miss Brown is not known for her leniency and this occasion is no exception. Miss Fox's daring indiscretions deserve the full weight of Miss Brown's judicial determination and in this case a sound hand tawsing is decided upon, for both teachers! Six lashes each, three on each hand, and the tension is palpable as the miscreants take their punishment. Never before has Miss Lewis had to endure such indignity, and it can only get worse.

12.13 min / updated on 24 Jan 2011

Exploiting Miss Lewis

Kelly James, Xela

Miss Fox really is incorrigible, not content with being reprimanded over her behavior with the school's younger charges, she now goes on to corrupt the new Home Economics teacher, Miss Lewis. Miss Fox manages to convince the poor woman that it would be in her best interests to have her peachy bottom spanked! She is a master of manipulation and is a delight to see her weave her salacious web, finally ensnare the hapless Miss Lewis and have her wicked way with her delightful derriere.

12.52 min / updated on 17 Jan 2011

Caning Miss Fox

Miss Brown and Xela

It is a delight to observe Miss Fox's rebellious attitude in the previous scene. She is astonished to find herself on the end of Miss Brown's strap and is quite vocal about it. As an unfortunate consequence of this spirited defense, she now finds herself on the receiving end of Miss Brown's cane! Her delightful posterior is subjected to 12 vicious strokes, and she clearly has difficulty with the whole humiliating, not to say very painful, procedure.

9.15 min / updated on 10 Jan 2011

Strapping Miss Fox

Starring Miss Brown and Xela

The first in Miss Brown's series of Brief Encounters. Miss Fox, a member of Miss Brown's staff, is tall, attractive and elegant and is blessed with a magnificent bottom. Unfortunately she also has something of a rebellious nature. Apparently she has taken it upon herself to punish some of the girls without first seeking permission from Miss Brown. Obviously this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and Miss Fox finds herself on the receiving end of Miss Brown's strap.

10:58 min / updated on 4 Jan 2011