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Release date: 31/10/2010 Copyright Princesse Media Ltd.

Starring Miss Brown, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Charlie Sinclair and Lava Valkyrie.

Revision sees Miss Brown stricter than ever! The second movie in her new series, beautifully shot in Miss Brown's home, sees two recalcitrant pupils live to rue the day that compels Miss Brown to give up her own Saturday to supervise their revision. But Miss Brown's efforts to help her charges are almost thwarted by her glamorous, but morally corrupt housekeeper, Miss Jayney.

Nobody deters or crosses Miss Brown! Inga is sent from the room and Amelia ordered over Miss Brown's lap to receive a thorough spanking, before being told to bend over the sofa and present her reddening bare bottom for Miss Brown's strap.

Inga, summoned back into the room, appears disheveled. An angry Miss Brown tells the girl off and gives the never before caned Inga a very hard cold caning leaving her bottom vividly welted. Suspecting Miss Janey of no good, Miss Brown calls her housekeeper and proceeds to cane Amelia in front of her. By the time Miss Brown has finished punishing Inga and Amelia, both bottoms carry vivid marks of a sound thrashing.

But Miss Brown reserves the severest thrashing for her housekeeper. Miss Janey quivers as she receives 12 pulsating strokes from Miss Brown's cane. It leaves the girl tearful, and her previously unmarked bottom displaying gloriously paralleled, and vivid lines.

Revision is a showcase of the unique talents that Miss Brown has in the world of female dominance. Her authority and natural ability to enforce discipline, are brilliantly displayed for you to enjoy.

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Amelia and Inga's sleepover
Following their sleepover, Amelia and Inga prepare for a day with Miss Brown.
Lipstick on her collar
Poor Amelia is cornered in the bathroom by Miss Jayney, the housekeeper.
Amelia's spanking
"I don't think you realise just how naughty you've been Amelia."
Amelia's strapping
Amelia struggles to take twelve hard strokes of Miss Brown's strap.
The corruption of Inga
Miss Jayney's sexual advances leave Inga breathless.
Inga's dressing down
"Where exactly are your knickers Inga?"
Inga's cold caning
Inga's first ever caning.
Amelia's caning
Amelia confesses all but still receives twelve strokes of Miss Brown's cane.
Miss Jayney's caning
Miss Jayney feels the wrath of Miss Brown with twelve hard strokes of her cane.
60:20 min