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Release date: 02/04/2011 Copyright Princesse Media Ltd.

Starring Miss Brown, Xela Xaste, Lava Valkyrie, Keeley Macabre

Miss Brown continues to raise the bar in this her latest and most innovative movie to date 'Piercing Punishments'.

Concerned with the increasing number of her pupils with body piercings, Miss Brown decides to visit the local piercing studio for a 'talk' with the proprietor Kimmy. She vehemently denies any involvement but when Miss Brown discovers Miss Fox with Inga in a state of undress, seconds away from having her nipples pierced, she is less than amused to say the least. "I really don't think the three of you realise just how much trouble you are in." Very soon they discover all protests have fallen on deaf ears, as punishment falls on their bare bottoms!

Not even Miss Fox's angry expostulations, Kimmy's frantic pleadings or Inga's despairing whimperings will deter Miss Brown from administering blistering punishments to all three of them. It is a pure delight to see Miss Brown line up the three girls who have shown complete contempt for her school rules. They are ready, and have to accept the searing cane strokes that Miss Brown delivers to ensure that yet again another challenge to her authority will have been thwarted. Their emblazoned bottoms bear witness to the severity of their retribution.

Miss Brown's imperial performance in this movie leaves us in no doubt that she is the doyenne of discipline.The girl's depictions of defiance and rebelliousness, together with their magnificent bottoms and exemplary performances, make 'Piercing Punishments' another unique addition to your personal collection of Strictly Miss Brown movies.

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Inga's Piercing Preferences
Miss Fox introduces Inga to piercing possibilities.
"I don't think you realise just how much trouble the three of you are in."
Inga's Spanking
"Now bend over that chair Inga, and stick your bottom out."
Kimmy's First Ever Spanking
Kimmy's virgin bottom suffers it's first ever spanking at the hands of Miss Brown.
Miss Fox Really Get's It
Miss Fox's impertinence get's her spanked, paddled and caned!
Inga's Paddling
Inga receives twelve harsh strokes of Miss Brown's paddle.
Kimmy's First Ever Paddling!
Kimmy's first ever paddling leaves her close to tears!
All Caned Together
The caning commences!
Caning Miss Fox
Miss Fox's pleas fall on deaf ears, as she feels the full force of Miss Brown's cane!
Caning Kimmy
Watch the bruised welts rise for the first time on Kimmy's bare bottom.
Caning Inga
Inga's canning is a real Piercing Punishment!
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78:30 min