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Medical Misdemeanours

Release date: 07/01/2011 Copyright Princesse Media Ltd.

Starring Miss Brown,Ellen May Davis, Charlie Sinclair and Marcus John

Medical Misdemeanours, the third movie in Miss Brown's showcase of English CP classics, takes place in the inhospitable surgery of Dr Hampton. He is a sleazy, alcoholic medical practitioner who seems to have some kind of 'entente' with the morally corrupt Miss Jayney who has brought along her latest charge, the lovely and innocent Ellen, for her school medical.

There appears to be something of a history between the stocking clad Miss Jayney and the Doctor, and the action soon hots up when Ellen is caught spying on their flirtatious games. Desperate to keep their sordid secret from Miss Brown, they swear poor Ellen to secrecy and give her a sound hand spanking. But this is nothing compared to what follows when Miss Brown, suspecting something is amiss, descends on the good Doctor's surgery and catches him 'red' handed!

"What the hell is going on in here Doctor Hampton?"

The disgraced Doctor receives a blistering six strokes of the tawse on each hand before being humiliatingly exposed by a resolute Miss Brown. A harsh strapping and relentless caning follow and the Doctor's demise is sealed.

Ellen, refusing to disclose Miss Jayney's part in the afternoon's squalid events, also faces the wrath of Miss Brown and receives twelve strokes of the paddle and an uncompromising caning that continues until she confesses.

"It would have been a whole lot easier Ellen, if you had simply told me the truth in the first place."

In Medical Misdemeanours, Miss Brown delivers one of her most stunning and sublime performances.

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Spanking Miss Jayney
"Oh Dr Hampton, you have such a firm hand".
Ellen's Spanking
Poor Ellen is sworn to secrecy with hard hand spanking.
The Doctor's Hand Tawsing
The disgraced Doctor receives six blistering strokes on each hand.
Undressing the Doctor
"If you think this sort of behavior is acceptable Doctor, you are seriously mistaken".
Strapping Dr Hampton
The Doctor feels the full force of Miss Brown's strap!
Doctor Hampton's Caning
The Doctor receives eighteen of the best from Miss Brown.
Ellen's Dressing Down
"You leave me no alternative Ellen".
Ellen's Strapping
Ellen receives twelve strokes from Miss Brown.
Caning Ellen
"I am going to continue to cane you Ellen, until you tell me the truth".
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Medical Misdemeanours
54:56 min