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Release date: 01/08/2010 Copyright Princesse Media Ltd.

Starring Miss Brown, Leia-Ann Woods, Amy Hunter and Tammie Lee.

A very powerful and authentic movie, filmed in high definition, that heralds the long awaited return of the renowned and celebrated Miss Brown.

For Lucinda and Emily, this is one detention Miss Brown makes sure they will not forget. Miss Brown has told her young assistant Miss Chater to supervise Lucinda and Emily's detention. The two girls proceed relentlessly to tease innocent Miss Chater and cause such noise and commotion in the classroom that it brings Miss Brown upstairs to see what is going on.

Miss Chater is dismissed and the two girls are left to face the wrath of Miss Brown who wastes no time in reprimanding Lucinda and Emily, and telling them that they will be punished for their atrocious behaviour. What follows is a vivid and powerful display of punishment by Miss Brown at her supreme best.

The two girls are soundly spanked on their bare bottoms, feel the force of Miss Brown's strap and finally each given a dozen hard strokes of the cane as only the left handed Miss Brown can deliver - accurate and painful.

All this punishment is interspersed with Miss Brown's intimidating voice adding to Lucinda's and Emily's sufferings. Filmed in a traditional school classroom, 'Detention' is the movie that is already being talked about as one of the all time CP classics.

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Miss Chater's Torment
Watch the disobedient school girls as they torment Miss Chater mercilessly during their detention.
Lucind's Spanking
"Sorry just simply isn't good enough Lucinda".
Emily's Spanking
"Stop sniveling Emily, I haven't even started".
Get Undressed Now!
Lucinda and Emily are horrified as they are made to undress by Miss Brown.
Lucinda's Strapping
"Now we are going to have to start all over again".
Emily's Strapping
Emily struggles to take twelve painful strokes of Miss Brown's Strap.
Lucinda's Caning
"You are both going to receive twelve strokes of my cane".
Emily's Caning
The full force of Miss Brown's cane has Emily in tears.
47:32 min